Tina, the armchair for every needs by Benedetta Tagliabue

Have you ever sit in a comfortable armachair with the look of a wooden chair? An Italian talent for a Spanish brand realised this dream made of efficiency and elegance, not to mention the comfort and the clean lines that are coming from Tina, the armchair and the collection of benches all in  rattan, ancient yet so up-to-date material!

If you get finally to place yourself in Tina, the product that we present today, you can understand how relaxing can be a  For Expormim the amazing architecture made of rattan designed by Benedetta Tagliabue: Tina is the armchair that will be on display at Salone Internazionale del Mobile, Milan 2013. To use the rattan material means to use the techniques extensively researched and applied from many years by the furniture brand Expormim.

Rattan: what is it exactly this material? Simple: it is like wood, more flexible though and it could be handcrafted to get out of this material somewhat unique works. Expormim has traditionally worked rattan with its craftsmen: expertise and know-how that the architect Benedetta Tagliabue used to create a contemporary concept for the rattan seats.

Let’s discover the Tina armchair that “is the result of our collaboration with the industry” Benedetta Tagliabue said. The design is featuring “both innovation and tradition, it is built with the painstaking care and attention to detail characteristic of artisanal methods coupled with the precision and quality that comes with technology. The Tina armchair is surprisingly lightweight and sinuous due to the features and comfort of its natural braiding”.

Tagliabue prefers indeed the natural fibers. She has developed in fact many architectural projects utilising similar materials as the ones that is in the Expormim collection, for example the Spanish Pavilion at the Shanghai World Expo 2010.

International recognition and Italian “estro” and fantasy: this is an explosive mixture that makes Tina appealing for everyone.

Tina is the first  product of the series and it will be showed at the Milan Furniture Fair 2013. With its innovative peculiar texture and complexity, the Tina armchair and bench weren’t easy to develop and manufactured. Benedetta Tagliabue is doc Italian architect, but she is Barcelona-based nowadays and she breath an international flair! She has designed the seats with a clear intent: to adopt the rattan tradition inside a magic and creative design.

Tagliabue is the principal of the Miralles Tagliabue EMBT studio, founded together with Enric Miralles in 1991. And the Tina pieces reflect and are indeed an homage to the beauty of simple lines and craftsmanship. In her own words, “Wickerwork is a marvellous form of art, and an artisanal technique which is the same the world over”. The concept behind this sentence is intriguing: preserving the force of the craftwork is preserving the power of tradition yet innovating. Tagliabue goes on, explaining: “One can even say that wickerwork represents the first universal language of humankind: a language of hands. That is why we research about wicker and the weaving of natural materials in our design studio.”

Interestingly, this is the first design available for an indoor ambience created by the EMBT studio. A challenge, for a simple reason: the studio usually designed furniture for public spaces. Tina is able to transform any room into a pleasant environment, a Mediterranean taste that invites to slow down and take in your capable hands the pleasure of  life.
Tagliabue is neverthless one of the contemporary “artists” to use the classic rattan seat. And now just imagine yourself lay in the sun, no fuss, nothing but a cold iced drink and the sea in front of you. A dream? Not at all. Just a vision of Tina!


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