Tappo: Italian EcoDesign by Caporaso Studio

Introducing the small table “TAPPO” as a true example of the beautiful EcoDesign collection by Italian architect Giorgio Caporaso.

What is it TAPPO (“cork” in English)? Is it a lamp, a table, a seat or a container? Everything. It is a well-refined and multifunctional element which can transform itself in different design furniture.
Caporaso Studio combines the saviour and the serendipity of an ecological approach with a design work and a close collaboration with multi-disciplinary consultants. The results? An  innovative design for every project and clients needs. Caporaso Studio is famous both for its product design and eco-design, and f course this piece is a perfect example of interaction design.

Since 1996 Giorgio Caporaso put beautiful objects on the market having at heart also the ecological issue. Back to Tappo, we can notice that the colour of its surface is the results of the light that you can switch on whenever you want. “Its internal source of light – giving it life in the dark – makes it alive and dynamic” the website said. The light goes through its surface and lateral holes: the different shades created around it makes available a range of chromatic atmospheres with an astonishing aesthetic effect.


  • It is realized in recyclable alveolar cardboard, in FSC certified wood or in bamboo
  •  Its light source is energy-saving.
  • It can be used to decorate BOTH internal or external environments.
  • Everyone can use Tappo and combine the shelves, modifing finishes, colours, the transparency or the opaqueness, textures.

The products shows different and versatile souls, resulting original and captivating. You can put together different stylish design idea with TAPPO:  from elegant wood essences to fuzzy colours which enhance a chromatic variation. You can even personalise it with prints of any kind of texture or graphical patterns.

With “TAPPO”, you are able to express your creativity to recreate environments with a touch of innovation and balance.  This interesting ecological product are imbued with elegance and environmental sustainability.

The materials can be easily disassembled for the separate waste collection. In its cardboard version, Tappo is completely recyclable, besides being very resistant and durable. In addition, it is an everlasting furniture: you can change materials, colours and finishes of its surface, making the product always new and different and capable to fit in any place, home or office, bar or cafeteria.