Sit.ME, a multi-tasking chaise longue by Monica Maraspin

A chair which is reflecting on itself/ Yes in Monica Maraspin’s vision.  Take a stylized image of a squatted body, move the shape around and add on  many possibilities to expand the functionality: Sit.ME is a multifunctional seat, but also a container, and a lovely bookcase.

Sit.ME officially is a chaise longue by Monica Maraspin created to refresh your home, but also it is fit for public and private places as well as outdoor spaces.

The multi-tasking chair is very practical and very multifunctional: the small version is exactly 500 mm deep, while a wider, comfortable chair is about 900 mm version, or 1500 mm to give a “bench effect” seat. There’s also a ‘petite’ version, including the same silhouette but smaller (250 mm deep), useful as a single piece, but also as a fun magazine holder or a pretty container.

The form is all coming from Maraspin’s creativity and merges well in a practical home because as we said it copes with different needs.

The back can be transformed into a tilted surface with a fantastic solution for reading purpose. Many gaps and spaces are useful for the storage of objects. It is made with different handcrafted finishes and customisable in the colour versions (Corten, Bruniti, Bronzati, for example) and much more. To complete the chair, here they come a cushion and a colour fabric pouf.


Sit.ME-0E21-460x459 Sit.ME-A-D1-460x459 SitME-chaise-longue-012-460x394 SitME-chaise-longue-031-460x459 SitME-library-021-460x459 SitME-library-041-460x459