Furnishing in colours

Do you like furniture and clean lines and modern? Here are tips to match colors and finishes for an elegant and refined, yet warm and welcoming.

In every room of the house is the choice of colors and finishes that contribute most of all – to an extent even greater than the material chosen – the end result, the effect of the ensemble: the shade of textile elements, furniture and even floors and walls!

  • They are the real soul of the environment and help to create the first impression of a room. The stay in the picture below is decorated in shades of blue, blue and gray; the floor is dark wood. The result is a relaxed elegance.

Sofa, carpets, curtains, chairs, even the leather top of the tables: finishes and fabrics’ shades, used in gradation for the different elements, have mainly aims to recall and emphasize the natural colours of the exterior of the apartment , overlooking a panoramic terrace.

The blue sky blends then with the indoor environment. The tones of blue and blue are the colors of relaxation and tranquility: stand out and are enhanced by the contrast with a dark background (in this case the floor wenge) or white.

Also in the dining area, the color palette is much agreement with that of the conversation area, with the difference that the tone becomes lighter, becoming soft.

  • So the blue fades more in wall finish and gray is very tenuous in large areas of the worktops in stainless steel. Delicate also could be a speaker of the lamp, in essence clear bamboo. These discrete colors are particularly sensitive to light, which passes through them and changes them, and are therefore very versatile mixing and matching.
  • The dark tones of the wooden floors with notes of color in contrast then taking a decisive role in the environment where reigns a perfect balance thanks to measured vibrations.

Match colors: 4 solutions compared to textile and accessories
The color is a key ingredient for a special atmosphere in a room. That’s a very small room declined in four different solutions, with color schemes that change the effect of the environment.

Within the same environment, the colors – you know – should be carefully measured. The presence of some element multicolor goes well and stands out if the room has a neutral background, such as that present in the solution of a young and bright bedroom, with walls and floors clear. You can then enter with excellent aesthetic design with floral bedspreads with bright tones. On a background of already very characterized, as for example can be finishes (to the floor and wall) dark or particularly decorative, textile and additions it is better that they are clear and soft. Let’s see how it can change the room presented by changing some details such as textiles (bed covers, pillows, carpets) and sundries.

  1. Neutral background with a touch of colour: sheets and bed pillows pearl gray are brightened by green olive and some elements from orange beak goose carpet. The effect is measured and sober.
  2. The light background: pearl gray textiles is a perfect counterpoint in the bright red of the maxi cushion on the floor and the bed.
  3. In this case the references relate to two chromatic colours already in the room, that is, for example a drawing in flowers. A red touch could be mirrored also in the carpet and the black in the pillowy on the floor.
  4. A relaxing version sugar paper, pastel perfect in the bedroom, used in two different shades.

Do you like the colours of the sea and the plant world? Do you want to create an atmosphere of freshness in the house and the feeling of being in an open space? For the stay then bets on green, energizing effect, and on blues, from the relaxing power. The effect-contrast guarantees a perfect result if the shades are well measured.

  • For example: a blue sofa and a library choice between shades of acid green switch on the light environment.
  • A tip: the turquoise is a cheerful color and it is good “hold” reserving only a few pieces, small additions or textile elements fantasy. The combination with the green that immediately evoke nature connotes together with a studied spontaneity; But attention to the chosen hue. The dark tone remembers the English style, more traditional and elegant; light green or clear, until the acid green, instead of the contemporary icon.

And for the walls? White is the perfect backdrop but you can also choose to make a wall if not all in one of the main colors. An alternative may be to the upholstery, patterned or striped. Blue and light blue are perfect for restoring old doors and window frames in typical Mediterranean style.
To characterize the environment in a clear way, in addition to the finishing of furniture, for the whole effect it has a very even color of the textile elements, such as for example the bed linen. Perfect in a neutral environment, those “definitely” connotations.
Graphic elements, stylized flowers or classic lines: color and fantasy play a leading role in defining the atmosphere and especially the style of a room.

  • If the room has a marked and decided wall finishes , better to choose neutral bedding. If the background of the room is dark but uniform, for the textile bed you can even dare focusing on bright colors, stripes or floral designs.
  • The small flowered is more suitable for a romantic style and delicate, the maxi instead can be inserted with excellent results both in modern settings, both the more traditional new classic.