How to furnish the bathroom

How to furnish the bathroom? This topic is not that easy, since the classic bathroom today has turned into a real wellness place.

Are you ready for some tips and tricks to create the right decor for your amazing bathroom? First we will talk about the furnitures and then about the last trends in terms of styles. Here are some ideas for bathroom furniture, from the colours to the materials up to the terrific possibility of including the small “home spas” because the bathroom is increasingly a room dedicated to the welfare, to spend some time dedicated only to ourselves

The dream of many is a sauna in the bathroom. Even the smallest of bathrooms can nowadays be equipped by sauna and hammam (turkish bath). The sauna and turkish bath are not the same thing, even if sometimes we tend to identify them. The first difference concerns the origins: the sauna was born in Finland, and then in the countries of Nordic origin. The turkish bath or hammam has instead Mediterranean origins. The main feature that differentiates these two systems is the way they act: while the Sauna is basically a heat bath, the hammam is a steam bath. Both represent a real beauty treatment for the skin, and relaxing environment for the entire body. The bathroom becomes a real spa with new saunas designed for one or two people. An example is the duravit saunas that can be placed in virtually every corner of a small  house to create a rejuvenating wellness. They are easy to assemble and disassemble, and interesting for houses and apartments for rent. So the bathroom is really like a spa to be enjoyed every day of the just relax. Having a sauna or a turkish bath at home, it is definitely a tempting proposal, able to give intimate moments of relaxation, in which to find new energy.

The mirror is a must in the bathroom: choose it big, maybe covering the entire wall, perfect for expanding the room with an optical trick.
Cancel edges will allow the use of a softer space, enhanced  by lightness and fluidity. The towel to dry? Place it on the radiator. Perfect to put the wet towels at the time and great for drying during the winter.

The shower is getting increasingly central in our bathroom and has become a solution just as scenic as the bathtub. The classic shower tray is now practically disappeared to make room for simple glass containers with metal finish that  is not visible. Even the shower can give you many relaxing moments, thanks to the new hydro-massage showers and more compact design. One of the most interesting is a new concept of multi-function shower where everything is in order and always at hand. An original design which integrates within a session with a comfortable and practical container, which allows you to keep on hand-shower gels, sponges, products for body care and wipes. In this way, the shower area is always tidy.A shower that is too small can penalize excessive comfort. If you can cut out a wall,  use the length of it to close the shower with a glass panel: you will have a comfort zone large enough and at the same time the effect of transparency will allow you to perceive more breathing space.

Save centimetres exploiting niches and bays able to add new spaces, thanks to the harmony of the next generation furniture, played on the  suspension and micro measures. A shelf under the sink to store detergents, soap and beauty items will save a great deal of space.
And above the washing machine you can place the dryer and a shelf where you stack towels or a basket with clothes to be ironed. Even the lighting is essential in the bathroom. The last trend prefer mood lighting instead of lighting large environment.



The different stylish trends for your bathroom

Before discovering the latest trends for the bathroom,  it is worthy to say that in recent years, trends in interior design are increasingly oriented to “sustainability“. Even the bathroom then is more and more “eco-friendly“, i.e. not just a “natural look”, from the floor to the colours to furniture, but also a projects that focus on low water consumption and energy. A smart choice for the environment, for our pockets and all the world, without sacrificing style and function.

The tendency of a bathroom furniture called “minimal chic” is always very strong, but we got more than the total white, as today the trend is towards warmer colours such as cream and beige. A bathroom like a spa more than a pretty sterile, hospital-like environment. The concept of minimal is more associated with the latest trends in bathroom, with furniture with clean lines and geometric shapes. A designer fittings, sinks rounded shapes and especially the old cabinet is a thing of the past. Now everything is replaced by drawers or from “bathroom furniture” that could be suitable for almost any room in the house.

And one of the hottest trends right nowis the so called vintage style. The bathroom  is inspired by the art deco style of 1930. For those who love this kind of style, to get the furniture will mean to focus on warm colours and strong ideas, from orange to dark blue or purple. If you do not want to dare with the colour of the walls, then you can play with furnishings such as carpets, chairs, large mirrors or simply choosing colored towels. Central in choosing this style is bathtub, which becomes a fundamental piece of furniture of a  great charm.

The bathtub is always one of the most scenic in the bathroom furnishings. The bath tub calls for relaxation, escape from the stress, and pace for a more  intimate size respect to the entire house. Among the latest trends, definitely the bathtubs in retro style are gorgeous, but there are also modern proposals that aim, on the contrary, to fill the space with square shapes and geometric solutions. The bathtub could be surprising if you find a hot design.