Discovering contemporary Italian furniture: Verdesign

We can’t live inside our flats/homes/offices without a touch of glamour and innovation. It is so: irresistable and totally suiting your senses.

This week we will explore again a bit of the luxury furniture coming from a dynamic company, Verdesign, located in Friuli, Pordenone, where a lot of skilled artisans and design live and create breath-taking pieces for your home .

If you have a family of 10 people or  just a cat, Verdesign can match your size and come inside your place with the right proposal to make you happy.

This is why our house are screaming right now for something new and stilish. How to provide our rooms with the insuperable and legendary quality of an Italian piece of design? With this contemporary Italian furniture from Verdesign collection there is no longer room for a research.

We have then found what we were looking so madly for. No need to stress about having some out-of-date pieces around!! These luxury furniture display high quality finish and they will open in your space like flowers.

Flexible, expandable, glam glam glam….simply a dream coming true with Verdesign choice range.

Among the diverse ideas, we can find amazing bookcases, sturdy and solid tables developed together with matching benches or chairs, fantastic armchairs such as the interesting Dolcevita and the stunning Dakar. Not to mention the comfort of the sofas created to enhance your home. With this stunning Verdesign modern design pieces, your guests will be amazed, surronded by cherry wood, oak, black or brown leather.

Which do you prefer? Drop us a comment and let us understand your taste.  One thing is for sure: with Verdesign luxurious furniture you can always create a stunning ambience and an exsquisite décor in any room.

verdesign 1 verdesign 2 verdesign 3 verdesign 4 verdesign 5 verdesign 6