How to decorate the kids room

Children’s rooms should also be versatile to adapt to their age growing, but it must be a place of fun, home of the game, of meetings between friends. You need to choose the furniture that are convertible and allowing the room to be changed a lot. Below are some tips to choose a room that will grow with your children.

The versatility means that spending is unique, because with the passage of time and the growth of children, the need for beds with more appropriate measures and spaces that have more before the appearance of containers of games and then instead are suitable for their studies and at school. It is increasingly used the bunk beds or loft when children are younger and as they grow is converted to the surface and space for a desk and chair.

The kids room undergoes many changes over the years, adapting to the growth of small children who become older. It is easy to understand the change of requirements that occurs over the years, which is why the children’s room will undergo different restyling more or less intense. But let’s see how to decorate the kids room to make sure it has all the amenities. Even for the student, the situation is versatile for years to come. Another element that makes it obvious change is the colour of the room, or rather the wall. A new paint can make the room new and different. We can change and renew the carpets, linens, curtains coordinating them to the wall colour. You can then renew visually any room.

The first thing to consider is the budget that you have available. Having said that you can begin to decide to redo the kids room every 4 or 5 years in the first ten years, or, alternatively, you have to find solutions that can be modified over time and adaptable to the children that as they grow. For very young children is enough to buy a small cabinet with one or two doors, a changing table fitted with drawers, a cot which will then be replaced by a cot and some container for storing toys, a chandelier colorful, patterned drapes which reflect the child’s age or opt for lots of color, a good stimulus for the visual function of the child and for the curiosity.

Adolescents’ room: less complicated then thought

You can also create spaces and creating spaces with small spaces for adolescent boys. Other simple ways to update your child’s room is to create areas of activity that can accommodate their changing interests and hobbies. And when the house guests will be boys will be necessary to have the message boards or bookcases, shelves and all can hold their books. Also you can find solutions even to save their creations and artistic school, organizing the space creatively.

In the market there are some types of beds that although the edges are equipped with mechanisms that allow elongation, it is essentially beds that grow with the child, products from various brands. When the child begins to have the age to go to kindergarten and then to school, will have the need to have a table, in proportion to its height, which allows him to draw, write, colour, later growing will need to have a real desk where you can set up a tour of the studio.
The containers are never enough and as they decrease the toys in the room of your children, you will see that will be filled with tall objects, such as books, clothes, sports accessories and more. Decorations and pictures of your child growing, cheer the room and will represent one of those things that will always welcome to your child even when he grew up.

It will be helpful to use the modular furniture that will allow the use of pieces and colors that will vary and will renew the room. taking a few key pieces and replacing them with the evolution and growth of the child.

To keep up to date on the modular systems the typical “bridges” and the children’s rooms in vogue you can consult the magazines, our blog, or through furniture manufacturers will be able to draw different ideas and be inspired by models and solutions for your children.
It is therefore preferable to include from the start of the furniture suitable for teenagers, to accommodate larger and structured so that they may also be used during the different stages of growth: rather large wardrobe, desk and small library. Is it enough simply adding changing table and cradle, the only information to be deleted when no longer needed. But it is certainly well liven up the environment using some pretty ideas, economic and simple to make. It is undoubtedly essential to animate and gladden the environment in which he usually spends his time playing and resting. To handle the large cabinet doors, a good idea is to apply the tender and large decals depicting dolls, teddy bears, ducks etc . It will make it more cheerful and it will protect  from scribbles, scratches and stains. A ceiling completely white can be downright boring for a child: applying adhesives, it will enrich and make it truly original.

Use the library as a cabinet-toys, placing in the lower shelves his favourite games, then, using special hooks to be inserted in the wall, hang the large pockets colored gingham, stripes or polka dots, useful for storing various dolls and various toys but place them in such a way as to allow the child to being able to use. Apply one or more high shelves on which to place what should be left out of reach of the child (cream, talc, oil for changing diapers and any other objects), but with the room with a comfortable support plan that will serve the small to play or draw: a table with two small chairs in plastic high chairs (one is for the doll or teddy favorite!) are complements absolutely inexpensive but very useful and very practical. The carpets are woven in soft but easily imprison the dust: it is preferable to replace them with soft rubber mats: they are quick to be cleaned daily with a damp cloth and also to invite for the little one to sit on during the game (no lie then on the floor ), you can make quite witty applying the pretty prints and rubber adhesive.

The walls of the room can be decorated with prints spirits, but also hanging a large smiling picture of Mom and Dad: this serves to instill in the little more security, especially in times of awakening. Finally, if you do not know where to shelter its many toys, bought a pair of colorful baskets stackable plastic (also fine those that are usually used to store linen ironing): when you want to quickly rearrange the room, dolls, balls, pickup trucks and various games can be collected in a moment in a small space.

Never forget: it’s not advisable to immediately fill the room with too much furniture: better to buy them from time to time by choosing those most useful.


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