“Bourgeois” furnitures declined by Matteo Thun

Fantastic furniture from  Baxter when teaming up with the Italian talent  of Matteo Thun.

“Ici Bourgeois” collection counts sofas and bookshelves, coffee tables and consoles and it is very interesting: all realized in fine wood and leather, which are totally traditional materials but also are also pretty durable and colourful. The results are modern, essential and without excesses, which includes also padded pieces, characterised by simple lines and refined details: all the pieces  in the mind of their creators (Matteo Thun and Antonio Rodriguez) has become a tribute to the spirit of the “bourgeoisie”. Matteo Thun comes from the deep north, Bolzano, and studied under Oskar Kokoschka.

In 1981, he was a co-founder of the Memphis group, aka the design movement that shaped events in the eighties.

The Studio Matteo Thun in Milan was born in 1984 and served as Creative Director with Swatch in 1990-93.

This brilliant architect is well-known for  long lasting solutions with holistic approach. Aesthetic, economic and technological sustainability are the keywords to understand his work.

The  “Ici, Bourgeois!” collection  for Baxter celebrate with a touch of irony  the middle classes and the “bourgeois” spirit of the current time.

The bookshelves, tables and desks reveal their severe look but also solid cores: you can’t mistake and assigned them totally to the Modernism: squared, simple and linear, imbued of an old tradition which goes back a hundred years. This type of furniture recall hyperrealist and the American middle classes by Frank Lloyd Wright. Chapeau for “Ici, Bourgeois!”.

Sophisticated pieces for an overall light and graceful style, pretty functional to meet the real needs of the contemporary clients, who use the home every day.

baxter matteo thun Bourgeois_Libreria_3-4-460x694 Bourgeois_Libreria_Fronte-460x665 Bourgeois_Mobile_3-4-460x309 Bourgeois_Scrivania_3-4-460x281 Bourgeois_Tavolo_Fianco-460x257