Bonaldo: its 80 years of passion for design and for Kime

Bonaldo has been a quality brand for almost 80 years ago: its production of furniture and interior design items started in 1936 and spanned along three generations.

A huge Made in Italy success, even abroad: its tables, chairs, sofas and beds are certified in terms of authenticity and quality. Over the years, Bonaldo has become well-known for its international approach to design.

In the 1980s, Bonaldo expanded its range with convertible sofas and sofa beds. The Italian know-how was combined with the creativity of great designers and emerging young talents  and the Bonaldo style evolved. In 2000, the brand started to collaborate with some of the biggest designers on the international scene. The Bonaldo showroom was inaugurated in 2011.

Over 25 different designers and architects worked for Bonaldo , including Karim Rashid, Bartoli Design, Mauro Lipparini, Ron Arad, Toshiyuki Kita and Alain Gilles. Symbolic the products such as the Big Table, the Peanut sofa, Pierrot King.

What about the new products? Let’s meet today an extending table, solid and easy to use. A very light format for Kime, a table ideal for a modern and dynamic kitchen ambience. Its its clean silhouettes is young and informal for eclectic living areas.

The extending table top, thanks to a simple lateral sliding movement of the legs and of one or two laminated Doluflex® extensions,is stable and easy to open and close.

kime by bonaldo 2 kime by bonaldo 3 Kime by bonaldo

bonaldo-table-concept3 bonaldo-table-concept4