A new look to your home in 2015

Certainly you’ll find at least once in their life the frustrating dilemma of not knowing what to do with one of the rooms of your apartment, to make sure that it looks just like the dreams you. You simply do not know where to start. Today we give you a few tricks to make a number of changes to transform your room into a dream space. Through these tricks you can still redecorate the room, you just need a bit  of good taste and creativity.

Start from the amazing picture you drew from the magazine of decoration you love, the design blog that you are so amazed of, that idea used by your own friends.  Compare that image with the room you have and study what is missing and what instead is in excess to give the space the effect you are looking for.

  • Try to remove the elements

Clear the room of all its elements and watch to figure out how to reorganize the empty spaces and changes that could improve it, sometimes clean up everything allows stimulate creativity.

  • Concentrate on your favourite detail

It can be a colour for the walls, a painting, a tapestry, etc. Make sure that the essence of this detail is expanded to the whole room. Sometimes it can be just the style of furniture that will then give life to the inspiration to make the room harmonious.

  • Put something “out of place”

A singular element, which detaches with everything, with the style, with the colurs; although it does not seem to hit anything.  Two things will occur: you may surpriseyourself  positively or it will show you how to continue to achieve a result.


Image courtesy of njaj at FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Each house is a creation made by the people who live it and as such it tells the story of each of us. Decorating a home is how to tell their story, made of projects, choices, tastes, solutions, to discover something new every time. Your home should be a cozy and relaxing. You then need to create a space in which to relax and rest.

How to create a relaxing corner in the house? With 5 simple tips you can create your seating area: following these advices,  you can already build a small corner where you free from stress.

  •  Looking for somewhere a little less busy at home. Although it is small, your quiet corner is about to be born.  The first step is to place there a table that takes up little space in which to read or have breakfast.
  • It is important that the lighting is weak and sweet, so you can relax and free your imagination. The ideal solution would be to place a lamp adjustable so if, at some point, you will have more light available to read or perform some activities.
  • You can not create a space to rest without a couch. It is essential to insert a comfortable sofa in this area. In case you prefer a chair as well add a pouf in which to stretch your legs.
  • Emptiness and silence: in this corner there should not be too much furniture because you have to create a feeling of spaciousness. In addition, there shouldn’t be too many noises.
  • Finally, in this space would be great to put a plant, a candle or incense, because it smells nice help to relax and find inspiration.

But we can set also room by room the new trends, although we always remember that when it comes to decor, it is right when mainly reflects the taste of the owners.

CORRIDOR:  the first space that welcomes our guests and it set the atmosphere immediately giving a very strong first impression. Important therefore to focus on a colour  that differentiates it from the other rooms; lighting or a mirror will help to make the spaces more ample. And if the real space allows it, why not a closet to immediately dispose of the jackets or empty pockets where to find more and house keys and car?

THE LIVING ROOM: the dining room nowadays is transformed into a living all day space , where you receive friends, while reading the newspapers or watching television. In modern houses increasingly the living room joins with the kitchen, that if you want you can hide or  separate through libraries, walls or sliding doors.


Photo CC-BY-SA  by shonflare

KITCHEN: a must for any self-respecting home, it should be taken care of the smallest details. It is in fact the creative workshop of the house, and even if you have a great passion to stand at the stove, can not deface. Everything is now adapting to your taste, modern or classic, and it will not be difficult to find a solution that fits and that optimizes the maximum existing spaces with complete customization of finishes and colours.

BEDROOM: The trend is increasingly transforming it into a hotel suite, where bedroom and bathroom to merge. In fact there are more and more requests for showers and baths to view the room. For those who can afford to assign a separate room as a closet, the tendency is to organize the space in favour of increasingly large beds and multifunction space. The headboard is made wide, padded and reclines, to fit the position of the body; the bed frame widens and flattens, becoming a practical table top; and mattress become folding, to accommodate within a convenient laundry room.


Photo CC-BY-SA  by shonflare

BATHROOM: customizing the bathroom is an increasingly important aspect of interior design. Sanitary taps and coatings dress the bathroom with personalised solutions and the bathroom becomes almost like a small spa. New trends prefer furniture with clean lines and geometric shapes. Washbasins round and the old cabinet are memories of the past. Now everything is replaced by drawers or from bathroom furniture that could be suitable for almost any room in the house.


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